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By David Portney

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Public Speaking Tips - Not The Same Regurgitated Junk You've Heard Everywhere Else

These public speaking tips are NOT going to be the same tired, old, worn-out, oft-repeated tips you can read in any library book and that people have recycled over and over.

Yes, I'm aware that my public speaking tips are going to be ripped-off, but remember - you heard them here first.

These public speaking tips come to you from the trenches and the literally thousands of seminars, public speaking engagements, workshops, and trainings I've done over the years.

Here we go:

Public Speaking Tip #1: How to Easily Conquer Stage Fright & Fear of Public Speaking

If I hear "be prepared, practice, be yourself, know that the audience wants you to succeed, everyone gets nervous" one more time I'm going to vomit.


Yes preparation is a very good idea, no kidding.

Practicing is fine too. All stuff you can find in a library book.

And "be yourself" is fine but dumb advice. You're already yourself, no big feat there.

The way to beat stage fright and fear of public speaking, in reality, is to choose what I call a "hero" - this is someone who would never in a zillion years (in your onion) be afraid of public speaking.

Then simply emulate (NOT imitate) your hero - their face, their voice, and their body.

If you don't notice a dramatic reduction in fear of public speaking, take your pulse.

Public Speaking Tip #2: Recognize Public Speaking For What It Really Is

I don't care if you're in business for yourself, work for someone else, or are speaking to promote a charity or a political cause - public speaking is nothing more than advertising and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you'll be a much more effective presenter and speaker.

The only exception is if you're a trainer, but even then you're still selling yourself - and that's advertising.

This one tip alone can save you countless hours of wasted time, energy, and wasted money barking up the wrong public speaking tree.

Get clear right now why you're getting up to speak: it's advertising.

If you don't agree with this, you're wrong. Period.

Public Speaking Tip #3: There Is Only 1 True Shortcut To Developing Great Public Speaking Skills

Most of the stuff you'll learn at Toastmasters or National Speakers Association about public speaking skills is a waste of time for the serious speaker who wants to make money.

That may ruffle some feathers, but the truth is that learning the mechanics of speaking and presenting is not going to help you achieve your business or professional goals.

Instead, master the nonverbal skills you can learn from my videos for free - and quickly - at my web site

Then, read my other articles here about how to format and deliver presentations that get results.

You'll be far, far ahead of all those floundering around in association and club meetings who are all lying about the results their getting in speaking.

Public Speaking Tip #4: Use These Tips Starting Right Now!

Don't get lost in thinking or evaluating.

Take my suggestions and run with them NOW because my students are making money and closing sales with my techniques.

Public Speaking Tip #5: see Public Speaking Tip #4 - forget about nice theories, take advantage of this real-world information starting right now and you'll get results quickly and without wasting your time, energy, or money..

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