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Obviously, my online public speaking training articles, tips, and techniques are proven, real-world strategies and methods that I and my students use frequently.

While there's a limit to how much you improve your public speaking skills from just reading, make the most of all the articles on this site - here are some more super-critical tips for you:

What exactly is your topic? Do you know what you'll talk about when you do your Seminar Speaking? Your first response to this question might be your general area of business, such as real estate, chiropractic, or vitamins, but that's really too general. Ideally you should have at least 3 different topics identified. A real estate pro, for example, could have "how to save thousands of dollars on your first home purchase". Clearly, this talk is geared to first-time home buyers and their fear of paying too much. As you think about YOUR target market's wants and needs, what are some juicy attention-getting topics you can talk about?

This question comes up in almost every workshop I teach. There are 2 polarized schools of thought - you guessed it - some say "NEVER!" others say "speak anywhere and everywhere you can". I've done a LOT of both. Almost paradoxically, the more I've charged, the better-behaved people have been. Free seminars may tend to attract the something-for-nothing crowd. In paid seminars, people figure "you get what you pay for". Here's the bottom line: free seminars can be great to generate qualified prospects, but your dropout rate will be higher and your close rate lower than with paid seminars. In the final analysis, there's actually a time and place for both, and there's no substitute for your direct experience. Do at least 10 of each, and then measure and evaluate your results carefully. Which is producing better results for you?

How should you set up your seminar room and arrange seating? There are several different tried-and-true room setups. Theater style is most common, with chairs arranged in rows. Classroom style is also common, with rows of chairs and tables. Banquet style is often used when you're serving a meal. Also, setting tables up in a horseshoe or "U" design is an all-purpose set up, and is great to use to give the room a full appearance when attendance is not very high. The fastest and easiest room set up style is theater because you can quickly add or take away chairs and rearrange rows to suit your room, your mood, and your group. The way you set up your room is going to affect the psychology of your group, so choose your room setup design thoughtfully.

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