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You may be experienced doing public speaking & seminars, or you may be be a complete beginner, or somewhere in-between. On this site you'll find a variety of public speaking training videos and as well as seminar training resources, how to conquer stage fright and fear of public speaking info. Speech writing is a little outside the scope of this site but you'll find terrific info on presentation skills, how to use humor in public speaking, and a number of public speaking tips. Finally, you'll find info on protecting your voice, how to make money speaking, and also info on Membership to the American Seminar Academy. The menu below will also assist you in easily finding what you're looking for. Thanks for visiting - contact me if you have feedback or comments

Most Popular Article   Video Training
The Hidden Truth About Making Money Speaking - Read this at your own risk... you've been warned.   You haven't seen public speaking video training like these before - public speaking skills and seminar success strategies no one else will talk about....
Fear of Public Speaking Articles
  Stage Fright Articles
Fear of Public Speaking is a common, generalized fear of getting up in front of people and speaking - find out how to quickly conquer that fear & become calm and confident.

  Stage Fright is if you have an attack of fear or panic when you're "on stage" doing public speaking. These Training articles show you how to prevent it and how to cure it now.
Presentation Skills Articles   Public Speaking & Humor Articles
Presentation skills: These training articles cover skills for beginners, intermediate and advanced speakers - this is the place to develop and polish your presentation skills quickly   Public Speaking Humor - Discover the right ways to use humor in your public speaking and presentations, and mistakes you must avoid at all costs
Public Speaking Tips Articles   Speech Writing Techniques Articles
Public Speaking Tips & Training to accelerate your skills and success - these public speaking tips will help you shorten your learning curve - you'll also discover revealing articles about public speaking clubs and associations:

  Speech Writing - Most people needlessly agonize over creating their speech. Discover simple yet powerful strategies to write a terrific speech quickly & effortlessly.
Vocal Techniques & Voice Training For Public Speaking Articles   Opening & Closing Techniques Articles
Voice Training For Public Speaking - Discover tips to a more powerful voice and secret vocal techniques no one else will tell you about:

  Powerful Public Speaking Opening Techniques - Your first and last words make the biggest impact - these training articles cover how to open and close like a pro:
Miscellaneous Public Speaking Training Articles ("Grab Bag")   Advanced Public Speaking Techniques & Special Skills Articles
Miscellaneous Public Speaking Training Articles - surprise and delight yourself with a random sprinkling of terrific articles:

  Advanced Public Speaking Training - Secret skills advanced techniques & public speaking training that will give you a quantum leap forward:
Make Money Speaking Articles   Public Speaking Tips & Techniques
Make Money Speaking! These eye-opening public speaking training articles are going to pull back the curtain and reveal the myths and truths about speaking for money. You'll also get strategies tips and techniques to succeed in speaking.   Here's a huge number of Public Speaking Tips & Techniques - I call this "the bottomless wellspring" of tips because you'll find a huge number of gems and pearls of wisdom from perfecting presentation skills, to special seminar strategies and much, much more! Hundreds of valuable tips here...
Public Speaking Secrets & Tips For Effective Business Marketing   Public Speaking Quiz - What Do You REALLY Know?
A virtual wellspring of public speaking tips & techniques you can start using right away to market yourself or your business:   Are You a Public Speaking Idiot? - Take this 10 Question Quiz and Find Out Now!
  Want even-more high-level tips, techniques & training on seminar & speaking success?
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